Work from Home Not Ideal for All

The pandemic has brought forth a new normal for our nation, primarily with the way we work. The emergency stay-at-home order enacted one year ago meant the majority of workers were forced to use their personal homes as office space. This new shift initially translated to flexibility, no commute time, and more time with loved ones at home.

However, one year later, the work from home model appears less than ideal for some. Many professionals working from home have experienced burn out from constantly being “on” at work from the moment they wake up. There are essentially no breaks or separation from personal and professional livelihood; it is unclear when the workday ends and your own life begins. The work-life boundaries are blurred, as working after hours becomes increasingly normal when living in a “work environment.”

Working around the clock is not sustainable, and after a year of the work from home model, many are experiencing burnout, a chronic form of fatigue. Office work provides a clear boundary to the work life balance that working from home simply cannot offer. Some professionals even miss their daily commute, as it served to provide much-needed personal alone time to decompress.

With the recent vaccine rollouts and lifted stay at home emergency order, work life may transition back to an office environment. For those looking to secure an office space, we have multiple executive offices available.

Each office in our first-class, executive suite, contains varying views of the ocean and beautiful downtown Santa Monica, and large operable windows for you to enjoy fresh air. The executive suite has electronic access card security (24/7) providing a safe and secure workplace; includes an ocean view boardroom with video and phone conferencing, kitchen, law library, reception area with receptionist to greet your clients, shared storage, copy center, high speed wireless internet, and a huge ocean view balcony.

We also offer virtual tenancy, for the professionals seeking a more flexible, remote form of work that comes with all the privileges of a physical office space.

To schedule a tour of our executive suite and discuss pricing, please contact us by calling (310) 593-4977 or emailing us at

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