Monday Morning Coffee Crave

Coffee on a Monday morning is essential to your morning routine especially if you are going into a full day of work for your growing business. Luckily, we here at Edifice Suites not only offer complimentary coffee, but we also are within 3 blocks of twenty-three popular barista parlors. Although each café offers a unique experience of their own and specializes in something different, we have picked three spots that we favor to help quickly satisfy your coffee craving.  For the highest quality coffee in the business, we suggest Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf across the street from our office. Each coffee is quickly prepared yet meticulously brewed to perfection and can be complimented with a fluffy Coffee Bean pastry of your choosing.  If you are looking for a third wave, slow coffee or just good conversation while your drink is being made, The Refinery is the spot to grab your pour-over cup of Joe. They are slowly becoming more popular because of their industrial chic vibe and perfectly hand-crafted coffee made to your liking. And finally, Espresso Cielo is one of the only places outside of Canada where you can try Vancouver coffee. Each signature blue cup is filled to the brim with rich goodness topped with latte art that will leave your mouth watering for more. All these options are within walking distance of Edifice Suites, so a quick stroll could mean checking exercise and coffee off your morning to do list!

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