Birds Take Over Santa Monica

The latest craze to take over the streets of Santa Monica are Birds, the controversial electric scooter based / headquartered in Santa Monica. The scooters are a relatively inexpensive way to get around the city: $1 to start and $0.15 per minute of riding. In addition to affordability, the scooter is an eco-friendly alternative to driving. The scooters can be accessed with relative ease: download the app, scan the QR code, and ride anywhere.

As with any other method of transportation on the road, there are rules to follow. Bird riders must ride in the bike lanes (sidewalks are prohibited), wear a helmet, be 18 years old with a valid driver’s license, and refrain from texting or riding under the influence. Only one rider per Bird is permitted.

However, many residents and tourists of the Santa Monica area have not properly obeyed these rules. As a result, the Santa Monica City Council is cracking down on Bird riders and heavily enforcing the rules, as any violation of them poses a serious threat to others.

The shared mobility pilot program has been introduced and will be effective beginning September 17. The City of Santa Monica has selected Lime, Bird, Lyft and Jump to operate within the city, with each initially allocated 750 electric mobility devices. These numbers may change depending on the utilization and performance of these services. This pilot program reflects the effort to regulate these shared transportation options and to ensure safe and responsible riding.

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