Santa Monica Stairs

The 7th Street Stairway begins at 526 Adelaide Dr. and drops you off on Entrada Drive. If you think you can descend-and then climb back up-the straight shot down that is 170 steps, totaling 110 feet, and you’ll get to skip leg exercises for at least a week!

If you feel that a 110-foot descent is too lean for you, add another 5 feet (115 feet total) and take the 4th Street Stairway. This one begins where 4th Street and Adelaide meet its got a few turns in it. After climbing down and landing on Ocean Avenue Extension, you can take a breather before heading back up the 189 steps.

With these stairs being just over a mile away from Edifice Suites, it can be a very easy and convenient evening or morning exercise.

Our suites are also located in beautiful Downtown Santa Monica, and have many amenities for you. This includes large operable windows for you to enjoy fresh air. The executive suite has electronic access card security (24/7) providing a safe and secure workplace; includes an ocean view boardroom with video and phone conferencing, kitchen, law library, reception area with receptionist to greet your clients, shared storage, copy center, high speed wireless internet, and a huge ocean view balcony.

We also offer a virtual tenancy, for the professionals and business owners seeking a more flexible, remote form of work that comes with all the privileges of a physical office space (other than the permanent use of a dedicated office)

To schedule a tour of our executive suite and discuss pricing, please contact us by emailing or call us at (310) 593-4977.

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